To kiss or not to kiss?

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Nothing better than a Brazilian to tell how things work around here, right?

Wrong. Some habits are too obvious to us. We do not realize how certain things may seem odd to those who come from abroad.

That’s why I like knowing the foreigner point of view. And that’s how I found the blog “Creelman…does Brazil!”.

He tells about a certain “Brazilian kissing culture”. He says that we kiss each other all the time. Kisses of love no matter where and no matter when. Kisses on the cheek between people we barely know. Kisses, kisses, kisses …

Ok, I can explain. It is true. In Brazil, do not panic: you will be kissed on the face all the time. But it is a symbolic kiss, quick and subtle. Relax. And kiss back!

As for the kisses of love … Well, it is also true. I confess that we are a very romantic people. The vision of kisses of love is not only very normal, but also wakes sighs, “Look that couple, how beautiful!”. Not only kissing. You will see hugs, holding hands… Here, one dies of love at least once a month.

If you doubt the “romantic” opinion from a brazilian, you better read now the post of this friendly englishman, before he turns into brazilian and starts kissing everybody!

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