October 12th: Children’s Day in Brazil

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childrens day brazil

October 12 is a national holiday. Officially, Brazil is a secular country, however some Catholic celebrations are still part of the official calendar.

Thus, this holiday is to honor Holy Mary of Aparecida, Brazil’s official patron.

But for anyone who is in Brazil, what stands out most is Children’s Day.

The date was established in 1924 and chosen in association with ‘discovery’ of America by Columbus, on the same day, centuries before.

At first the idea was not successful. In the ’60s, the toy company “Estrela” has launched a promotion to promote the sale of the doll “Bebê Rubusto” on Children’s Day. After that, the date has become a tradition for the kids and a joy to trade. The story somewhat resembles the creation of Valentine’s Day, which you can read here.

So, here is a small tribute to a classic date with a lovely Brazilian music, “Aquarela”, written by Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho especially for children: the small ones and those who are still living inside us.

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