The “Choro” of Altamiro Carrilho

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altamiro carrilho

When we say “Brazilian music” the first thought is samba or bossa nova.

Brazilian music is bigger than that. To explain all of our musical history, I would need a blog just for that…

Among all Brazilian musical styles there is one in special, that was born long before anyone think about samba: the “choro” or “chorinho” (“crying”, in literal translation). Just between us, my preferred style of Brazilian music.

Choro is the first urban music born in Brazil in the nineteenth century. Despite the name, chorinho is usually cheerful, rhythmic, and not easy to play by the “chorões”, the name given to the musicians of choro.

It’s been a while that I wanted to tell you the story of choro, and I promise I’ll return to this topic to post a longer story.

Today I made a point to talk, even briefly, about the one of the most beautiful music of my country and to introduce to you one of our most important “chorões”,  who has passed away today: Altamiro Carrilho. A genius of the flute and the choro, a true virtuoso, that I had the chance to see in a concert a few years ago.

About the “choro” I’ll certainly talk about again. But for those who has never heard a choro, this is a start, and surely in a big style!

I present to you Altamiro Carrilho, performing one of the most beautiful choros: “Flor Amorosa” (Loving Flower).




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