Holambra, the city of flowers

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The name “Holambra” is a mixture of “Holland” with “Brazil.” And so is the city. The Dutch culture in Brazilian soil.

After Second War, the Dutch government encouraged the immigration to countries like Canada, Australia, France and Brazil, which was the only country to accept immigration of large groups.

In 1948, the Cooperative Agricultural Holambra was founded at Fazenda Ribeirão, in São Paulo.

Floriculture is the main economic activity of Holambra. The city is the largest flower exporter in Latin America, accounting for 80% of exports and 40% of the floriculture industry in Brazil.

Holambra is nationally known as the city of flowers (a cidade das flores) and received the title of resort from EMBRATUR in 1998. The city offers visitors a little about the culture of the Netherlands through architecture, crafts, dance, music and typical food.

The “Expoflora” is the biggest festival of flowers from Latin America, which takes place every year in September.

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