June Festivals in Brazil

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The “June Festivals” (Festas Juninas) are among the most important Brazilian traditions. During the month of June, all around the country, we have four weekends of festivities.

The origin of these festivals comes from Portugal, which brought to Brazil their tribute to some Catholic saints. In Brazil the festivals got also the influence of indigenous and africans traditions and today are typically nationals.

The “caipira” 

The Festivals were born inside the country, so it’s a celebration to the peasant, the country man or, as we say here: the “caipira” (“rustic”). We also say “Festa Caipira”, another name for “June Festival”.

Children are traditionally characterized with clothing and accessories of the ancient “caipiras”, it’s practically a rule! (But some adults too).


The “quadrille”

The “quadrilhas” are the special part of the Festival. “Quadrilhas” are danced mainly by children, in pairs, with the old songs from the countryside. Before the main “quadrilha” (many are!), there is a “caipira” wedding, a kind of a dramatization of the ancient countryside traditions. In schools, two children are chosen to role the couple. Be chosen for the bride role, is the dream of every girl….


Some symbols

The colorful flags are the main decoration. There are also a campfire, games and balloons.

Typical Food

The festivals take place during the Brazilian winter (it gets cold here too!), So the drinks are the traditional hot wine (warm wine mixed with fruit) and “quentão”, a drink based on “pinga” (cachaça) and consumed VERY hot.

The main dishes are popcorn, “pé-de-moleque”, sweet potatoes, barbecue and foods made of corn (influence of indigenous customs).

Among all Brazilian celebrations, I think the June Festivals are the best preserved over time. Unlike festivals such as Carnival, that is constantly changing, the June Festivals remain the same. There is not a single Brazilian who has not danced the “quadrilhas” every year during childhood. And there is not a single little girl who has not dreamed of being the bride: the chosen one remembers it forever… Like I do!

For you, a typical “caipira” music from the June Festivals. Let’s dance the “quadrilha”!

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