Have you ever met Zé Carioca?

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Just for the record, “Zé” is a shorter form for “José”, a very common name in Brazil. Now, let me introduce this famous character to you.

Zé Carioca is a parrot created by Disney in the 40’s. According to the legend, Walt Disney thought about the character when he was staying at the Copacabana Palace Hotel. His idea was to make a character that represents the stereotype of Brazil.

Of course, like any stereotype, there is a mixture of truth and fantasy.

Anyway, Zé Carioca is represented as funny, well-humoured and partygoer, but also a bit lazy … Are we all these? At least, that’s how Disney saw us.

The parrot first appeared in the movie “Saludos, Amigos” from 1942. In the film, Zé Carioca introduces Brazil to the Donald Duck. At that time, Brazil was widely known for its great movie star Carmen Miranda, also famous for her look and her style of singing and dancing.

Meet Brazil from the 40’s, through the eyes of Disney and his funny parrot, Zé Carioca!


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