September 7th: Brazilian Independence Day

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September 7th is an important date in Brazilian history. Perhaps the most important.

In April 1500, Brazilian lands (inhabited for centuries by several indigenous groups ) were invaded and conquered by Portugal.

And Brazil became a Portugal’s colony.

Centuries have passed by. And from the blend of portuguese settlers, native inhabitants, african slaves and other immigration, a new people arose in the colony: the Brazilian.

In 1808, King Dom João VI of Portugual, came to Brazil with his family, fleeing from Napoleon Bonaparte. The King transferred the seat of his government to Rio de Janeiro.

But the King went further! Dom João began to implement changes and improvements and Brazil enters into a process of “decolonization”, resembling more to a “country” and less to a “colony”, in short time frame.

But in 1820, King John had to go back to Portugal and left his son Pedro as Prince Regent.

Meanwhile, back in Portugal, this whole story was bothering a lot of people. Portugal  was forcing Pedro to leave Brazil too. They wanted a return to the old colonial times…

But then one day, September 7th, 1822, Pedro was on the road, passing by São Paulo (in the very same neighborhood where I’m writing this right now, Ipiranga), when he gets a letter with new threats of Portugal.

That was enough for him. Pedro loses his temper, he rides his horse and then raises his sword by saying: “Independence or Death”..

Brazil has conquered its independence and also gained an emperor, Dom Pedro I.

In 1972, the movie “Independence or Death” was released, one of the best films of our cinema and it’s worth watching.

To celebrate this date,  a turning point in our history, I leave here a special scene.

People say it was something like this…

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