Valentine’s Day – Dia dos Namorados

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Valentine's Day Brazil Dia dos Namorados



In many countries, Valentine’s Day is celebrated on February 14. But not in Brazil. In fact, many people never heard of “Valentine”.

But we surely have our day dedicated to lovers. Here, the ‘Dia dos Namorados” (Valentine’s Day) is celebrated on June 12.

According to the legend, this date was chose because of the portuguese priest Fernando de Bulhões, the “Saint Antonio”. This saint, whose official date is June 13, is quite important here. Protector of love and marriage, Saint Antonio is called “the matchmaker saint” (santo casamenteiro).

On the evening of day 12, all the lonely hearts make several “simpatias” and promises to the Saint asking him for a happy ending. Thus, 12 June seems like a good choice to celebrate love.

Did you believe in that story? It’s the story we’ve been told. But the truth is less poetic.

Some time ago, the month of June was considered the worst time of year to make trades. In 1949, João Doria created the advertising slogan “Love needs more to live than just a few kisses”. The idea worked out and the date became official.

Today the date is widely celebrated. This story about the slogan has been forgotten. But for those who are in love, it doesn’t matter at all, don’t you agree?

And you? Are you alone in this June 12? Don’t be sad. Have you already tried ask to Saint Antonio?

A beautiful romantic song for you. One of the most celebrated songs about love in Brazil. Enjoy!




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